Wednesday, April 22, 2009

MoJo Monday week 83 Challenge

Yesterday my son had his Surgery (Tonsils, Adenoid, ears drained) He did great except for mom. I passed out the first time in years. How embarrassing and I couldn't help my son out. Nurses were helping and concerned for me. I ended up at Abbot next to Children's Minneapolis were my son was. Good thing my parents were there. My husband had to come with me as they wheeled my to the hospital. They did an EKG just to make sure it wasn't my heart. It was just the tress of my son going through his 8 total surgery on various thing since he was 6 month old. This time I had a hard time dealing with it. The funny thing is this was nothing compare to his other surgery's. We both are doing great today!

On to the challenge MoJo Monday I received this stamp set today from Stampin' Up Spring Song. I colored the bird and the chip board swirl with Copic markers. Punched the green and pink paper with the scalop punch. Cut out the notch note in mulberry paper and rounded the corners on watercolor paper used for the bird.

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